Not to be confused with my D&D campaign known as The Forsaken City, this is a Warcraft 3 Custom Map designed to be played by a team of 4 players, who each control a unique Hero in a PvE setting. The Forsaken House...what might lay within its walls? What horrors have been unleashed on the grounds...the halls...and perhaps its deeper recesses?

Within the Forsaken House, there are many Heroes to choose from

Each hero levels up to 25 times as the party defeats the denizens of this House, learning and upgrading 5 abilities that define their role and purpose. While each Hero has its own unique abilities, they can be categorized by their Primary Attribute. A Hero's Primary Attribute determines his attack damage and best stat, but all Heroes benefit from each Attribute:
  • Agility grants .01 Attack Speed and .14 Armor per point.
  • Intelligence grants 15 Mana and .03 Mana Regeneration per point.
  • Strength grants 20 Health and .03 Health Regeneration per point.
Some Heroes, especially within the Forsaken House, break from the expected norm of their Attribute.

Most Heroes are members from one of three factions, sent to investigate the Forsaken House - lore about these organizations, and their representatives, can be found below.
  • The Arcane Priory, which has sent its members and allies to investigate the strange rifts and portals that have begun to occur near the house - mere rifts and anomolies have been observed so far, but there may be greater threats to the member's arcane magic and allied elemental realms. Currently (4) heroes are members.
  • The Cult of Blooms, which fears the damage the house may be inflicting on the natural environment - damage that its members fear may be lethal, permanent, or worse: spreading. Currently (5) heroes are members.
  • The Grey Watchers, whose long use of fel magic has given them both tremendous influence and personal power, as well as a deep appreciation for the dangers of unchecked demonic incursions into the material plane. Currently (3) heroes are members.
  • The Necrocanum Conference, which has sent its members to investigate the strange undead appearing around the house, as well as whatever fel power threatens their otherwise undisputed mastery over necromantic arts. Currently (5) heroes are members.

Agility-based Heroes (6) emphasize damage and mobility.

The Druid of the Fang*
A venemous druid who shifts between a ranged support/harass role into a melee serpent that assassinates foes. She is a member of the Cult of Blooms.
The Fallen Deva*
A melee carry who uses her remaining divinity to fuel her vicious attacks and move safely through opponents. She is a member of the Cult of Blooms.
The Grovewarden*
A melee brawler who uses spells to afflict enemies with seeds that drain health back to her while she tears enemies appart with attacks. She is a member of the Cult of Blooms.
The Lightning Warden*
A ranged carry who uses lightning-enhanced attacks and spells to fuel a protective shield. He is a member of the Cult of Blooms.
The Rogue Hellborn*
A demonic mage who shifts between providing ranged utility spells and wading into melee combat as a vicious demon. He is a member of the Grey Watchers.
The Shadow Demon*

Intelligence-based Heroes (7) emphasize spellcasting and utility.

The Arcanaut Theurge*
A high damage mage who manipulates pure arcane power that destroys his foes and rejuvenates his unnatural form. He is a member of the Arcane Priory.
The Dread Mummy*
A melee caster who uses spells and attacks to rend enemies he afflicts with deadly plague. He is a member of the Necrocanum Conference.
The Necrosis Priest*
A versatile caster who controls battles with powerful spells, attacks, and minions gleaned from corpses and souls. He is a member of the Necrocanum Conference.
The Phyrexian Medic*
A durable support healer that is exceptional at surviving damage while providing healing to his allies. He is a member of the Arcane Priory.
The Profane Runesmith*
A ranged support who provides unique healing glyphs, mana restoration, and powerful disables. He is a member of the Grey Watchers.
The Shaper Savant*
A support caster who restores mana while her spells provide mobility to herself and her allies. She is a member of the Arcane Priory.
The Vilefire Dedicant*
A mobile melee carry that compliments his attacks with virulent fire damage and surprising survivability. He is a member of the Grey Watchers.

Strength-based Heroes (5) emphasize durability and leadership.

The Banshee Knight*
An aggressive and durable support and summoner who leads with powerful auras and endless waves of her skeletal conquests. She is a member of the Necrocanum Conference.
The Deathbringer*
A brawler who specializes in area of effect damage and spell combos that allow him to withstand damage and chain disables. He is a member of the Necrocanum Conference.
The Firespawn Stoker*
A durable support and summoner that commands swarms of minions and aids allies with powerful buffs and debuffs. He is a member of the Arcane Priory.
The Sanguinis*
A durable support caster who uses both blood and mana to negate and withstand harm while constantly draining health from his foes. He is a member of the Necrocanum Conference.
The Totemic Runesmith*
WIP. He is a member of the Cult of Blooms.

Unused Abilities:

(E) Shadow Visage

  • (Passive) Whenever you cast your other spells, you summon an invulnerable illusion of shadowstuff that makes a single attack against a random enemy within 600 range, then dissipates. Illusions created through this ability apply Shadow Power on their attack.
    • Duration: 2 seconds
    • Range: 600
    • Physical Damage: 60/70/80/90/100%
  • (Active) You summon several invulnerable illusions to attack random enemies within range. Multiple illusions will only attack a single target if there are fewer available targets than summoned illusions.
    • Cooldown: 35/30/25/20/15 seconds
    • Mana Cost: 80 mana
    • Range: 600
    • Max Illusions: 3/4/5/6/7

Unused Heroes
Agility Heroes
The Flurry of Dancing Flames
A melee carry who combines spells and attacks to deal high damage both to single targets and small areas.
The Essence Hunter
A slippery melee assassin who manipulates combat and survives through high-risk true damage assaults.
The Child of the Blackness
A melee assassin who uses deadly attacks to fuel bursts of magical damage.
The Shrouded Sister
A melee skirmisher whose abilities are free to cast, but require precision and careful timing.
The Shadowmancer
The Life Thief
Intelligence Heroes
The Burning Avatar
The Frozen Avatar
A powerful caster who combines crowd control with area denial to destroy enemies.
The Shadow Requiem
A shadowy assassin that uses spell combos to put enemies to sleep, deal high damage, and then escape.
The Elemental Arcanist
A summoner that augments his allies with powerful auras and controls battles with dangerous and versatile elementals.
The Shadow Troll Witchdoctor
A versatile support caster that weakens and slowly damages enemies while providing pets and healing for his allies.
Strength Heroes
The Nerubian Broodqueen
A dangerous tank that provides powerful disables, often at the cost of her health, but can withstand tremendous punishment.
The Ebon Ambassador
A mobile caster who uses his health to summon powerful storms, frost, and undead minions from his homeland.
The Glacial Revenant
A durable brawler who uses icy shields to buff allies and protect himself, while summoning frozen spirits to slow his foes and empower his blows.
The Isotronic Juggernaut
A brawler that excels at dealing constant area damage while surviving through shields and high mobility.
The Dread Knight
A brawler with a diverse mix of damage, healing, buffs, and debuffs that he fuels with his attacks.