The setting for this game will be the mid 19th century, approximately 1850, during the Victorian Era. It will take place at a wizarding school far smaller than the primary 11 wizarding schools registered with the International Confederation of Wizards.
The Adanakuu School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is one of a great many North American wizarding schools that have sprung up across the wide continent, and in particular it has always struggled within the long shadow cast by the more successful Ilvermorny school. Adanakuu itself is situated in North Carolina on Roanoke Island, hidden within the Roanoke Island Marshes.
Despite its small size and modest reputation, for many generations Adanakuu has been home to a diverse mix of students who have been sorted into its four houses and studied under the tutelage of its many great masters. Much as the rest of American history, Adanakuu was formed from a melting pot of sources, and competed for space against other groups attempting to carve out a similar niche within the New World.
Though its smaller size and lack of formal registration (the case for all wizarding schools not part of the prestigious 11) has prevented it from making many headlines, it does have some small claims to fame. Those aware of Adanakuu most often compare it to Durmstrang for its similarly strict approach to teaching and punishment, and its lax restrictions on the teaching of some Dark Arts shunned by most wizarding schools. Less often it is recognized for its proud history of advanced artificing - a focus that has allowed it to maintain full coffers and help fuel the industry and exploration of the great swaths of American territory. Even less often is it acknowledge for its quite diverse student body and administration.
Part of that diversity is due to its founding, an initial mixture of immigrants, free and escaped Africans, and Native Americans from several tribes. Because of this composition, members of Adanakuu have regularly found themselves persecuted by the No-Majj population for one reason or another. Some of the most notable initial members of the Adanakuu school were Tituba (often though to have been killed during the Salem witch trials), and ancestors of Maria LaVeau, of New Orleans. This mixture led to an open acceptance of magical families of almost any origin or repute, an acceptance of some "tamer" forms of Dark Arts, and a condemnation of slavery and persecution based on heritage (magical or racial).
During the time period of this setting, American is just beginning the turmoil that leads to the civil war (1861-1865), and Adanakuu was situated at the heart of the abolitionist conflicts leading to the war (even though the school itself staunchly avoided entanglements with the No-Majj political movements).


The houses of the Adanakuu School are Bearglove, Foxcrest, Hawkridge, and Wolfthorn, and more information about these houses can be found here. The houses hold a great deal of similarity to the houses of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


There are nine masters in total, and no official Headmaster. Each substantial field of study in the University (including major, minor, and optional courses) has a Master who is responsible for that discipline. Introductory courses are often taught by gillers (graduated students who have remained within the university), or occasionally a Master from another discipline. Advanced courses within a field of study are generally the exclusive purview of the associated Master.
Instead of a Headmaster, one Master is elected Chancellor every few years, gaining administrative authority over the other masters during a several year term.
Current Master
Master Alchemist
Master Mandrag
Master Archivist
Master Lorren
Master Arithmatician
Master Brandeur
Master Artificer
Transfiguration, Artificing
Master Kilvin
Master Calmer
Care of Magical Creatures
Master Herma*
Master Physicker
Herbology and Healing
Master Arwyl
Master Prognosticator
Master Hemme
Master Sympathist
Master Elxa Dal
Master Warden
Defense against the Dark Arts
Master Elodin
*Current Chancellor


There are six main locations within the school, all separate buildings built close together on a series of small hills within the overall swampy landscape of the Roanoke Island Marshes.
The Archives
A large stone building with no windows, divided roughly into two section: the Stacks, and the Tomes. Often nicknamed "Tombs" by students for its grim appearance.
The Artificery
Transfiguration, Artificing
Resembling a large stone barn of two-stories with an improbable number of chimneys and smokestacks, this building also has several large lecture halls that connect directly to laboratories and workrooms. Often nicknamed "the fishery" by students.
Care of Magical Creatures
A large circular building with several areas in the center and around the outside fenced with heavy wooden planks. Some outer enclosures are big enough, and secure enough, to keep magical creatures within their swampy expanses constantly. Most, however, are kept inside the building, in chambers that seem far too large for the building's size.
Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts, Arithmancy, and Divination
A large odd building composed of many sections built over many periods and in many styles. It is by far the largest building, with several courtyards and chimneys incorporated into its design. Its hallways and rooms are attached at impossible and terribly planned intersections that create odd turns and unexpected dead-ends, making travel (even between spatially close rooms) long and confusing.
Herbology, Healing, and Potions
A nondescript building with many winding corridors leading to small treatment rooms where most healing lessons are taught. More notable are the many gardens surrounding the building and the attached greenhouse. Laboratories for potions classes and experiments are in an expansive basement level.
A large three-storied grey building with many windows and eight wings connected at a hub. Its appearance is similar to a large compass rose. Seven wings are for students, with one for faculty.

The school itself is protected by a myriad of ghosts that guard the edge of the property, directed by a powerful banshee who has had a deal with the Adanakuu masters since its formation.